When we bought the stables in January 2009, it was a disused pig breeding unit which had stood empty for around ten years and was in desperate need of repair. Here are a few photos illustrating the changes that we have made. Having brought up to standard the stables, fields, fencing, office, shower room and feed and tack rooms and having built the outdoor school, track and round pen we plan to continue improving the stables area by area, and are currently rebuilding the lower barn, which had a caved in roof!

We are very lucky to have on board Paul Parsons, who has made all this possible, being site manager, builder and maintenance man for the entire project.

These are the before pics…

The old pig breeding building

Old very narrow and high pens - needed to be knocked down

Pig field. The digger has just arrived to change it in to our new school













During development …

Building the new stables

Lining the new school

Laying the surface













How it looks today…

Outside the stables

Inside the stables

The school today



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