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Team Faunbank

Anna Alderson

I am a registered BHS stage 3 coach in complete horsemanship. I am also a qualified equine bodywork practitioner in Mersiha Massage, Myo-Fascial Release and L.E.D. light therapy. 

I have been working with horses for 27 years. I specialize in solving training and behaviour issues, and training young horses. 

I have worked with race and competition horses to a high standard. I have worked at a racehorse rehabilitation yard and with rescue horses.

I am passionate about problem solving and retraining, with a holistic approach, considing all aspects including physical condition, diet, hooves, teeth, tack, and psychological causes. Using gentle methods, working within the horse's comfort zone as much as possible, with a combination of Classical and Natural Horsemanship methods to suit each individuals' needs.

I currently Event with my Dutch Warmblood, Barny, and compete Dressage, Show jumping and Showing.

Sophie Xi-Zeta

Sophie is a fully qualified, Applied Herbal Choices Therapist with Rose Applied Therapies.  Sophie has also trained with Caroline Ingraham - the founder of Applied Zoompharmacognosy.  Self selection allows animals to a wide variety of dried plants, essential oils and macerated oils, and facilitating them to exhibit natural behaviors for their health and well being.

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