The stables


We have ten large, light, airy open-plan American barn style loose boxes. These are purpose built in concrete blocks to minimize fire risk and were designed to make the horses feel as at ease as possible. They can still see and communicate with other members of the herd, and not feel too boxed in. However if your horse is of the character to prefer more personal space, we have high panels which can be added to any stable for improved privacy.

Development on our Indoor Schoolyard to minimize time out in the rain.





Currently under construction, a second american barn style stable block to accomodate another 8 horses.




Outdoor Arena


We also have a full size 20x60m new sand and rubber surfaced all-weather outdoor arena with post and rail surround.


Free use for all liveries, and also available for hire.

Round Pen



The secluded round pen is standard size: 50m diameter and has a soft woodchip surface this is also available for all liveries to use free of charge. It is positioned away from the stable area so that you will get your horses full attention, away from distractions.



We have 22 acres of well sheltered and varied grazing and offer a choice of individual, pairs or group turn-out


depending on your horses individual needs. Paddocks are rotated to minimize worm infestation. Much of the grazing has been sown by ourselves with a selected choice of seven grasses and a herb mix to maximise the horses health. We have a combination of post and rail and 4ft electric fencing with a large well established hedge against the road.


The track which runs around the perimeter of the property and is designed with a varied terrain is very good for improving general fitness and muscle tone and ideal for laminitis prone horses or ponies and for barefoot transition. Rather than confining laminitic types to a small ‘starvation paddock’ during the spring and summer months, which discourage movement and can lead to extreme boredom, our horses spend a number of hours during each day on the track which is designed to encourage lots of movement and stimulate activity, very important in keeping laminitis and other problems at bay. The idea is to simulate the wild horses’ natural environment as much as possible. It is also hugely beneficial for the horses’ feet as the varied terrain and increased movement promote healthy, strong hard hooves. You can read more about this at The use of the track is optional for liveries, we also have standard paddock grazing, or can offer a combination of the two.


Horses turnout

We are very lucky to be positioned between miles of off-road riding on both sides of our valley. It is necessary to do

a couple of minutes of road work, but after that the bridleways all interlink and go on for many miles in all directions.


Freshly refurbished, a shower is often a welcome bonus after a long cold, or hot ride. Its ideal for those that like to squeeze in an early ride before work and need to freshen up afterwards.


We want you to enjoy the time you spend with your horse. Free tea, coffee and hot chocolate are always available, with a comfy sofa when you need a rest.
We will also be adding a barbeque area with picnic benches for the summer.

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